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STEPS Enhancement Fund

As an internationally recognized convergence research community of diverse leading scientists who address complex challenges in phosphorus sustainability, the STEPS Center has a vision to facilitate 25% reduction in human dependence on mined phosphates and 25% reduction in losses of sources of phosphorus to soils and water resources within 25 years, leading to enhanced food systems resilience and reduced environmental damage. The center uses gifts to recruit, research, educate, train and integrate programs so students, scholars and researchers can overcome obstacles of working across disciplinary boundaries and broaden participation of underrepresented groups, including women, minorities, persons with disabilities, veterans and those who have been historically excluded from their respective areas in the physical, life, social and economic sciences. These funds can be used to provide support across STEPS institutions.

Donate to STEPS

Your support helps advance phosphorus sustainability, interdisciplinary research, and diversity and inclusion in science and engineering across STEPS institutions.