Staff Positions

STEPS Diversity Coordinator

The primary purpose of the STEPS Diversity Coordinator is to implement the STEPS Center Broadening Participation plans by leading and managing the day-to-day outreach and recruitment efforts and helping to train and mentor students, enabling their retention and graduation. The Diversity Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating outreach and recruitment events, data tracking and analysis on the success of the events, and developing new strategies for growing diversity in the graduate student, undergraduate student, and postdoctoral applicant pools. The Diversity Coordinator is responsible for providing informal and formal professional mentorship for STEPS undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars. The Diversity Coordinator provides additional support for the educational and integration goals and activities of STEPS, particularly as it relates to the training, retention, and graduation of students.

For more information and to apply, please visit the job posting.

STEPS Administrative Assistant

The primary purpose of the STEPS Administrative Assistant is to assist the STEPS leadership team and STEPS headquarters staff in the execution of the STEPS Center activities and to represent STEPS to both internal constituents across campus and external stakeholders. This position is expected to provide excellent customer service to a variety of individuals both internal and external to STEPS.

For more information and to apply, please visit the job posting.

Program Manager, Sustainable Phosphorous Alliance

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance at Arizona State University is North America’s central forum and advocate for the sustainable use, recovery, and recycling of phosphorus in the food system. We convene a diverse set of stakeholders—including companies, trade associations, governments, knowledge institutes, and environmental NGOs—to seek holistic solutions to difficult water pollution issues that stem from the production and use of phosphorus, a key agricultural nutrient.

Under general direction, the program manager will plan, oversee, and support activities of our member-supported and grant-funded sustainability organization, including research activities, managing public education, stakeholder engagement, member development, grant writing, and project management.

For more information and to apply, please visit the job posting.


Graduate Research Positions

Available graduate positions are not limited to those posted below. If you are interested in student opportunities in STEPS, please contact us.

PhD Position at NC State

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Evaluating Environmental, Health, and Societal Impacts of Advanced Materials and Emerging Risks

Seeking highly motivated and diverse candidates for a PhD position at NC State University within the Department of Applied Ecology under the supervision of Dr. Khara Grieger. The PhD candidate would focus on developing and implementing interdisciplinary approaches to evaluate potential environmental, health, and societal impacts of advanced materials and emerging risks. The candidate would also be involved in a newly launched research consortium housed at NC State focused on sustainable science and technological solutions to nutrient management, and have the opportunity to work with faculty and students across the university and partner institutions. The ideal candidate is familiar with risk sciences including risk evaluations of novel advanced materials and is interested in communicating potential risks to academic and non-academic audiences.

The PhD candidate will conduct research to evaluate potential environmental, health, and societal impacts of new advanced materials and/or technologies, many of which are used in food, agriculture, and water sectors. In addition, the candidate will communicate results from their research to a range of stakeholders, including scientists, researchers, industry, policy-makers among others. The PhD candidate will be expected to lead manuscripts and other publications that report the research results and present at conferences and workshops.

The PhD candidate will start the position in January 2022 and join NC State’s Biology Graduate Program, specializing in the Integrative Biology concentration that integrates multiple concentrations and fields.

Potential applicants are encouraged to send CV, 3 references, writing samples, and a 1-page personal statement that describes your motivations and goals for the PhD position to Dr. Grieger (kdgriege@ncsu.edu), as soon as possible and no later than October 15, 2021. Applicants will also need to complete and submit a graduate application through the NC State Graduate School (https://grad.ncsu.edu/).

Full details of the position are here.

PhD Position at the University of Florida

Graduate Student Assistantship in Phosphorus Sustainability

Starting Fall 2022, the Soil and Water Sciences Department at the University of Florida is seeking a highly qualified PhD student in the field of phosphorus (P) sustainability as it relates to soil, water, and the environment. The student will be located at the Everglades Research and Education Center in Belle Glade, Florida, working under the supervision of Dr. Jehangir H. Bhadha. The student will be working on research topics related to (i) developing treatment technologies to capture P from agricultural discharge, (ii) controlling and utilizing legacy P in soils and sediments, (iii) exploring materials for P sensing. This is a four-year multidisciplinary project with primary study location in South Florida, and coordinate efforts with collaborators across the nation. Candidates with a MS degree in Soil Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, Water and Environmental Sciences, or related fields will be desired. Looking for a highly motivated applicant with experience in field and lab work. High GPA, along with a strong publication record, experience working with hydrological modeling is desired.

For more information, contact Dr. Jehangir Bhadha jango@ufl.edu, and submit a formal application to the UF Soil and Water Sciences Department Graduate Program by January 2, 2022: http://soils.ifas.ufl.edu/academics/graduate-studies/apply/