Matt Scholz

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Matt Scholz is Program Manager of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance and manages projects for the Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service (RMSSS) at Arizona State University. The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance is a multi-stakeholder effort to promote the efficient use, recovery and recycling of phosphorus in the food system, and Matt has run its daily operations and stakeholder engagement programs for 5 years. At RMSSS, Matt works on a wide portfolio of sustainability projects, including trying to establish a harmful algal bloom monitoring program in the state of Arizona. Matt also managed the NSF-funded Phosphorus Sustainability Research Coordination Network for 2 years.

Matt served previously as Senior Research Scientist for The Sustainability Consortium, where his work focused on developing sustainability metrics used by many Fortune 500 companies. In this capacity, he worked to build consensus among numerous corporate and NGO stakeholders on how to best measure sustainability across a wide array of consumer product supply chains.

Matt completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Chemistry at Colorado School of Mines, where his work focused on algal biomass characterization for purposes of developing biofuels and other biocommodities. He received his PhD in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering in 2011 and his Master of Science in Chemical and Environmental Engineering in 2001, both from the University of Arizona, where he also worked for 6 years as a molecular biologist, largely on maize-related research.

Matt contributed to the development of Equitable Origin’s EO100 Standard for energy development projects and has served as a Technical Advisor for The Water Research Foundation. He oversees the annual Phosphorus Forum conferences and has run numerous workshops, panels, and field tours on sustainability, including presentations at GreenBiz and the PEF World Forum.

Matt Scholz