Dr. Kelly Morgan is a Professor of Soil Fertility and Water Management at the University of Florida (UF).  His research on phosphorus bioavailability and the modeling of soil nitrogen focuses on environmental cycling and crop uptake. His goal is to improve nutrient and water use efficiencies primarily through the development of systems for vegetable, citrus and sugarcane production. As Center Director of the Southwest Florida Research & Education Center he works to use science-based information to educate Florida growers about soil fertility and water management.

His prior position as a Scientific Project Manager at the University of Florida involved the management of a 120-acre citrus field research site at the Water Conserve II project near Orlando, Fl. Here he managed irrigation scheduling, young and mature tree nutrition, fertilizer nitrogen uptake, improved production methods, and evaluation of new citrus selections. He also facilitated the design of research protocols including horticultural evaluation, nutritional status analysis, and yield and trees size measurements. He is working with Dr. Jango Bhadha.

Dr. Morgan obtained his B.S. and M.S. in Plant Pathology from the University of Florida (UF). Dr. Morgan earned his Ph.D. in Soil & Water Science with minors in Agricultural and Biological Engineering Crop Modeling and Precision Agriculture at the University of Florida as well.

Dr. Kelly Morgan