Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers brings a wide range of expertise to the study of phosphorous reclamation from partner institutions in higher education, industry and research organizations.


Jacob JonesMaterials ScienceDirector
Paul WesterhoffEnvironmental EngineeringCo-Deputy Director
Ross SozzaniPlant ScienceCo-Deputy Director
Maude CuchiaraMaterials ScienceManaging Director
Christine HendrenGeological and Environmental SciencesIntegration Director
Brooke MayerCivil, Construction, and Environmental EngineeringEHR Co-Director
John ClassenBiological and Agricultural EngineeringEHR Co-Director
Gail JonesScience, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics EducationEducation Researcher
Sherine ObareNanoscienceBP Co-Director
Eric McLamoreAgricultural Sciences/Materials ScienceBP Co-Director
Chartanay BonnerNanoscience and NanoengineeringDiversity Coordinator
Meagan Kittle AutryCivil, Construction, and Environmental EngineeringDirector of Science Communication
Khara GriegerApplied EcologyKT Co-Director
Matt ScholzSustainabilityKT Co-Director
James ElserLife SciencesKT Advisor
Jan GenzerChemical and Biomolecular EngineeringResearch Theme 1 Co-lead
Yaroslava YinglingMaterials ScienceResearch Theme 1 Co-lead
Treavor BoyerSchool of Sustainable Engineering and the Built EnvironmentResearch Theme 2 Co-lead
Owen DuckworthCrop and Soil SciencesResearch Theme 2 Co-lead
Rebecca MuenichSchool of Sustainable Engineering and the Built EnvironmentResearch Theme 3 Co-lead
Justin BakerForestry and Environmental ResourcesResearch Theme 3 Co-lead

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Management Team

Jacob JonesMaterials ScienceDirector
Paul WesterhoffEnvironmental EngineeringCo-Deputy Director
Ross SozzaniPlant ScienceCo-Deputy Director
Christine HendrenIntegration and Implementation Science, Team ScienceIntegration Director
Maude CuchiaraBiomedical EngineeringManaging Director
Brenda GaineyMaterials Science and EngineeringBusiness Officer
Jasmine CovingtonInformation TechnologyAdministrative Assistant

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Researchers - Theme 1

Theme 1 (Materials Scale) generates new fundamental knowledge about phosphorus capture at atomic and molecular scales using discovery-driven approaches (i.e., biological inspiration, chemical analytics). Integrated with Materials Informatics (MI), Theme 1 accelerates the development of novel capabilities to promote the facile transformation of organic and inorganic phosphorus and enable the efficient capture and recovery of phosphate.

Andrew CannonMaterials Science and Engineering
Baile WuCivil and Environmental Engineering
Britney RickmanMaterials Science and Engineering
Brooke MayerEnvironmental EngineeringEHR Co-Director
Carolyn SzempruchMaterials Science and Engineering
Chih-Yu (Jill) LeeBiosystems Engineering
Christopher Gorman Chemistry
Chris MuhichChemical Engineering
Corrado HarperMaterials Science and Engineering
Dean HesterbergSoil and Environmental Chemistry
Detlef KnappeEnvironmental Engineering
Doug CallEnvironmental Engineering
Elizabeth TrubchaninovMaterials Science and Engineering
Imani MadisonPlant & Microbial Biology
Jacob JonesMaterials ScienceDirector
Jan GenzerChemical EngineeringTheme 1 Co-lead
Jianjun WeiNanoscience

Lifeng Zhang
Marty LailOrganometallic Chemistry
Nadia ChappleMaterials Science and Engineering
Nafisa AminFiber and Polymer Science
Owen DuckworthSoil BiogeochemistryTheme 2 Co-lead
Paul WesterhoffEnvironmental EngineeringCo-Director
Sherine ObareChemistryBP Co-lead
Tomoki InoueChemical Engineering
Wei GaoChemistry
Yara YinglingMaterials ScienceTheme 1 Co-lead
Yirong MoNanoscience

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Researchers - Theme 2

Theme 2 (Human-Technology Scale) implements materials and technologies from Theme 1 in both aqueous suspensions (e.g., surface water and wastewater) and the plant-soil-microbial system by using laboratory, greenhouse, and field-scale techniques. Theme 2 applies state-of-the-art scientific approaches including nanoscale spectroscopic characterization of phosphate speciation in soils, novel sensor development to improve tracking of phosphorus in soils, genome-wide approaches for selecting and engineering crop systems with enhanced phosphorus utilization, and development of next-generation, plant-responsive fertilizers.

Angela PriceEnvironmental Science
Baile WuCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bruce RittmannEnvironmental Biotechnology
Christopher Sanders Jr.Computer Science
Cranos WilliamsElectrical and Computer Engineering
Crystal GoeckeElectrical Engineering
Dean HesterbergSoil and Environmental Chemistry
Debabrata SahooSustainable Water Resources Engineering
Detlef KnappeEnvironmental Engineering
Doug CallEnvironmental Engineering
Eric McLamoreBiosensorsBP Co-lead
Geisianny MoreiraMicrobiology
Imani MadisonPlant & Microbial Biology
Jango BhadhaIntegrated Soil-Water-Nutrient Management
Jessica DeaverCivil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
John ClassenAgricultural EngineeringEHR Co-lead
Kelly MorganSoil Fertility and Water Management
Lily KileCrop and Soil Sciences
Luke GatiboniSoil Fertility
Maria TorresPlant and Environmental Sciences
Mckenzie SteeleEnvironmental Engineering
Matthew Ogwu Integrated Ecology and Sustainable Development
MD Anik Mahmud Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences
Owen DuckworthSoil BiogeochemistryTheme 2 Co-lead
Ranga VatsavaiComputer Science
Ross SozzaniPlant ScienceCo-Deputy Director
Rubén Rellán ÁlvarezCrop Nutrition and Genetics
Sandra GuzmanWater Management, Hydrology
Sarah WhitePlant and Environmental Sciences
Treavor BoyerEnvironmental EngineeringTheme 2 Co-lead
Vedika TripathiEnvironmental Engineering
Yara YinglingMaterials ScienceTheme 1 Co-lead
Zoë StroobosscherAgricultural and Biological Engineering

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Researchers - Theme 3

Theme 3 (Regional and Global Scale) identifies intervention portfolios (e.g., innovative technologies, best management practices) that enable the realization of the 25-in-25 vision and are resilient to socio-economic, policy, and environmental change, using integrated modeling at global, regional, and local scales and social network analysis. Theme 2 data about the flow and management of phosphorus as a function of space and time (e.g., through urban, aquatic, and agricultural systems) guide research prioritization in Themes 1 and 2.

Abigail MartinPolitical Science
Anna-Maria MarshallSociology, Law
Annie McElvennyForestry and Environmental Resources
Arghajeet SahaAgricultural and Biological Engineering
Bruce RittmannEnvironmental Biotechnology
Cary StricklandInnovation Management
Chanheung ChoAgricultural and Resource Economics
Chiemerigo OgboiChemical Engineering
Christine HendrenIntegration and Implementation Science, Team ScienceIntegration Director
Christopher Oates Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Dan ObenourEnvironmental Engineering
Elise MorrisonEnvironmental Engineering
Hector FajardoBiological and Agricultural Engineering
James ElserLimnology
Jordan KernEnvironmental Systems Engineering
Justin BakerEnvironmental EconomicsTheme 3 Co-lead
Khara GriegerEnvironmental SustainabilityKT Co-Director
Kimia KarimiCivil and Environmental Engineering
Maheen MahmoodCivil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering
Matthew GroganPolitical Science
Natalie NelsonEnvironmental and Agricultural Modeling
Nelson Gonzalez Jr.Sustainable Development
Nick CampanyEnvironmental Science
Nick FarmeriePolitical Science
Qicheng TangBiological and Agricultural Engineering
Ranga VatsavaiComputer Science
Raven McLaurinEnvironmental Engineering
Rebecca MuenichEnvironmental EngineeringTheme 3 Co-lead
Shin-Ah LeeEarth and Environmental Science
Shwetha DelanthamajaluSociology
Ziqian GongForestry and Environmental Resources

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Researchers - Convergence Informatics

Convergence Informatics (CI) research initiative provides data-science-driven guidance for the design of novel and effective materials, technologies, and strategies for phosphorus capture, decomposition, and modification to realize the opportunities presented by Theme integration. CI builds upon an MI-based approach in which process-structure-properties-performance relations are designed by analyzing large materials data sets with machine learning algorithms.

Chris MuhichChemical Engineering
Christine HendrenIntegration and Implementation Science, Team ScienceIntegration Director
Cranos WilliamsElectrical and Computer Engineering
Dan ObenourEnvironmental Engineering
Eric McLamoreBiosensorsBP Co-Director
Natalie NelsonEnvironmental and Agricultural Modeling
Paul WesterhoffEnvironmental EngineeringCo-Deputy Director
Rada ChirkovaComputer Science
Ranga VatsavaiComputer Science
Ross SozzaniPlant ScienceCo-Deputy Director
Yara YinglingMaterials ScienceTheme 1 Co-lead

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Broadening Participation

Sherine ObareChemistryBP Co-Director
Eric McLamoreBiosensorsBP Co-Director
Chartanay BonnerChemistry

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Christine HendrenIntegration and Implementation Science, Team ScienceIntegration Director
Maude Cuchiara
Biomedical EngineeringManaging Director

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Education and Human Resource Development

Brooke MayerEnvironmental EngineeringEHR Co-Director
John ClassenAgricultural EngineeringEHR Co-Director
Gail JonesScience Education

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Knowledge Transfer

Matthew ScholzSustainability ScienceKT Co-Director
Khara GriegerEnvironmental SustainabilityKT Co-Director
James ElserLimnology
Olga BorquezSustainability and Business

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Researchers - TBL Sites

Specific geographical sites or Triple-Bottom-Line Scenarios that represent urban, agricultural, and aquatic systems provide technological constraints, potential impact scenarios, and connection to unique types of stakeholders in phosphorus sustainability.

Jango BhadhaIntegrated Soil-Water-Nutrient ManagementAq. Eco.
Sandra GuzmanWater Management, HydrologyAq. Eco.
Luke GatiboniSoil FertilityTidewater
Stevan EarlData ManagementUrban Watershed

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Students and Post-docs

Abigail MartinUndergraduateJay Rickabaugh
Alexey GulyukPostdocYara Yingling
Alireza FarsadGraduate StudentPaul Westerhoff
Alison DevineyPostdocTBD
Andrew Cannon
Graduate StudentYara Yingling
Angela PriceUndergraduate StudentBob Swarthout
Angela SajewiczUndergraduate StudentJay Rickabaugh
Annie McElvennyGraduate StudentJordan Kern
Anthony FullardGraduate StudentSherine Obare
Arghajeet SahaPostdocBecca Muenich
Ashton MerckPostdocKhara Grieger
Austin HenkePostdocPaul Westerhoff
Azizah ConerlyGraduate StudentCranos Williams
Baile WuPostdocPaul Westerhoff
Britney RickmanGraduate StudentJacob Jones
Bukola AdesanmiGraduate StudentJianjun Wei and Sherine Obare
Carolyn Szempruch
Undergraduate StudentJacob Jones
Chanheung ChoGraduate StudentJustin Baker
Chiemerigo Ogboi Undergraduate StudentDaniel Obenour
Chih-Yu (Jill) LeeUndergraduate StudentEric McLamore
Chris WadeGraduate StudentJustin Baker
Christopher OatesUndergraduateKhara Grieger / Natalie Nelson
Christopher Sanders Jr.Undergraduate StudentEric McLamore
Corrado HarperGraduate StudentJacob Jones
Crystal GoeckeUndergraduate Student Ross Sozzani
Darrell HarryGraduate StudentJacob Jones
David Bahamon PinzonGraduate StudentDr. Vanegas/ Sherine Obare/ Eric McLamore
Destiny CaulderUndergraduate StudentEric McLamore
Elizabeth Trubchaninov Graduate StudentJacob Jones
Faten HusseinPostdocBrooke Mayer
Fausto Rodríguez ZapataGraduate StudentRubén Rellán Álvarez
Gayani PathirajaPostdocSherine Obare
Geisianny MoreiraPostdocEric McLamore
George HotellingUndergraduate Student Shea Tuberty / Bob Swarthout
Grant BlankenbecklerUndergraduate StudentYaroslava Yingling
Hector FajardoGraduate StudentNatalie Nelson / Daniel Obenour
Hezhou (Jenny) DingGraduate StudentDoug Call
Imani MadisonPostdocRoss Sozzani
Jackson DuvallUndergraduate StudentPaul Westerhoff
Jay CapassoGraduate StudentKelly Morgan / Jango Bhadha
Jessica DeaverPostdocDoug Call
Jiangfeng XuGraduate StudentJan Genzer
Jillian WarrenUndergraduate StudentMike Hambourger
Julianna NieuwsmaGraduate StudentGail Jones
Kate TubertyUndergraduate StudentBob Swarthout
Kathleen BordewieckGraduate StudentGail Jones
Ke'Shan LightyGraduate StudentLifeng Zhang
Ki'Shawnda ParkerGraduate StudentSherine Obare
Kim BournePostdoc Christine Hendren
Kimia Karimi Graduate StudentDaniel Obenour
Laura Gomez RodriguezUndergraduate StudentDan Obenour
Lily HernandezUndergraduateAnne Fanatico
Lily KileGraduate StudentLuke Gatiboni
Lucas CraneGraduate StudentTreavor Boyer
Maheen Mahmood
Graduate StudentBruce Rittmann
Maria TorresGraduate StudentEric McLamore
Matthew GroganGraduate StudentJay Rickabaugh
Mckenzie SteeleUndergraduate StudentTreavor Boyer
MD Anik Mahmud Graduate StudentJehangir Bhadha
Minhazul IslamGraduate StudentPaul Westerhoff
Mumtahina RizaGraduate StudentKhara Grieger
Nadia ChappleUndergraduate StudentJacob Jones
Nafisa AminGraduate StudentWei Gao
Nelson Gonzalez Jr.Undergraduate StudentAnne Fanatico
Nick CampanyUndergraduate StudentShea Tuberty
Nick FarmerieGraduate StudentJay Rickabaugh
Nicole SommerdorfUndergraduate StudentBob Swarthout
Nirwan TandukarGraduate StudentRuben Rellan-Alvarez
Pei-Yu HouIndustrial Systems and EngineeringRada Chirkova
Qicheng Tang
PostdocNatalie Nelson
Raphael AyiviGraduate StudentSherine Obare and Jianjun Wei
Sarah DoydoraResearch AssociateOwen Duckworth
Sergei Rigin
Graduate StudentYara Yingling
Sharika CochranGraduate StudentSherine Obare
Shin-Ah Lee
PostdocElise Morrison and Natalie Nelson
Shwetha DelanthamajaluGraduate StudentAnna-Maria Marshall
Smitom BorahGraduate StudentDan Obenour
Sruthi Koppol
Undergraduate StudentWei Gao
Sybella WorkUndergraduate StudentMike Hambourger
Thu HoGraduate StudentJustin Baker
Tomoki Inoue
Undergraduate StudentChristopher Muhich
Vedika Shah
Undergraduate StudentJacob Jones
Vedika Tripathi
Undergraduate StudentTreavor Boyer
Vivienne Pelletier
Graduate StudentChris Muhich
Xue BaiGraduate StudentJango Bhadha
Yazeed AlgurainyGraduate StudentDoug Call
Ziqian GongPostdocJustin Baker

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Independent Evaluator

Shelly is the Senior Director for the University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness (UOEEE), an independent unit at Arizona State University that is placed outside the purview of academic colleges and schools such that they can provide critical evaluation services from an external perspective.

Shelly PottsEvaluationEvaluator
Dan LaxmanEvaluationEvaluator

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